RPA in Customer Service

Enhance your customers’ experience and satisfaction with RPA


Our clients have been able to offer faster customer service and new service models to their customers through RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) boosts customer service by alleviating workload on administrative and back-office tasks. Software robots speed up customer service by gathering information and documents from different systems, handling service requests and updating customer records. 


The automation projects we have done for our clients have resulted in faster customer service and better customer experience. By making robots do the routine work, like processing customer service request changes, our clients were able free their customer agents to focus more on customer interaction instead of manual work. Implementing RPA also enabled a new service models for their customers, which resulted in benefiting other functions like Finance Department as well. 

Benefits of RPA in Customer Service

Enhanced customer experience​

Robots permit quicker response to customer requests and better management of customer feedback and satisfaction data.

Increased speed in handling customer issues

RPA increases efficiency by helping gather information and documents or updating customer data and requests.

Employees can focus on customer interaction

Removing monotonous routine work from employees frees up time for customer interaction and enables serving more customers.

Reduced amount of errors

Amount of humane errors is minimized when software robots work 24/7 error-free.

RPA use case examples in Customer Service processes




What our clients have achieved with RPA

The Group has been using automation for several years to improve productivity and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Vaasan Sähkö Group has been utilizing automation to develop customer communication since 2019. Automation enables fast information delivery to customers, which improves customer satisfaction.

POP Bank has been using software robotics since 2017 to develop their customer service, improve the quality of processes and streamline their back-office operations.

Y-Foundation wanted to introduce a new SMS reminder service to enhance customer experience and operative efficiency.

Hoas wanted to invest in improving its operations and customer service and streamline the use of its old ERP system before moving to a new one.

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