RaaS – Robotics as a Service

Outsourcing robotics maintenance is cost efficient and enables scaling the automations flexibly as needed


Flexible infrastructure for your automations

RaaS (Robotics as a Service) is a service platform for intelligent automation or RPA. We provide cutting-edge infrastructure for your robotics, where license capacity is included in a monthly fee. The robotics maintenance is pay-as-you-go model, where pricing is based on actual use of robot license capacity. Our RaaS model enables flexible scaling of robot capacity without the need for buying licenses. 

Benefits of RaaS

Cost efficiency

Service-based solutions are cost-efficient and don't require large investments.


Robot capacity can be flexibly increased as needed.

Saves resources

No need to involve your own personnel in maintenance work.

Development best practises

We offer our expertise and years of experience as support for our customers.

Better reporting and error management

Monitoring the automations enables better reporting and error management.


Automation models are up-to-date and comply with security requirements.

RaaS enables flexible scaling of robotics without the need for buying liceses – you only pay for what you use

What our customers have achieved with RaaS

Outsourcing production maintenance is cost-effective and ETK receives support and best practices for automation development from Sisua’s experts.

The Group has been using automation for several years to improve productivity and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

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