Accelerate your digital transformation with intelligent automation

Growth and productivity from intelligent automation

We help our customers develop their business and processes – by making work more productive, efficient and reliable through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

We provide digital tools that save time and remove monotonous routine work, allowing your employees to focus on more important and valuable tasks in your business.

Digitalizing business processes creates numerous benefits for companies’ from different sectors or within their key functions.

Solving our customers’ business challenges with automation solutions has been our uncompromised principle since 2014. 

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All companies have some routine work where automation can alleviate the work load and boost productivity and efficiency. With our extensive business process expertise we will analyze which processes in your company should be automated that will make the most impact on your business.



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Sisua Digital in a nutshell

6 years (and counting) in business

Specialized in robotics and AI

Over 2500 use cases identified

100+ automation projects implemented for customers in different segments

4 offices globally; Helsinki, Santiago, Hanoi and Dubai

Our team has over 10 different nationalities

We are a global team with extensive experience

We have a strong international network – our offices are located around the world. Our skilled team consists of certified RPA experts who also have a deep understanding of business. We look beyond a task-oriented view and have a more strategic perspective on automation.

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