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Grow your business with intelligent automation


Our mission is to help our customers develop their business and processes – to execute their strategy through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We want to understand each customer’s unique circumstances that drive the need for higher productivity, improved quality and efficiency.

Software robotics combined with Artificial Intelligence offer versatile and quick-to-deploy tools for process re-design. Linking RPA work into our customer’s strategy keeps the right focus and avoids the risk that process automation becomes yet another IT project.

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Our services

All companies have some routine work where automation can alleviate the work load and boost productivity and efficiency. With our extensive business process expertise we will analyze which processes in your company should be automated. In addition to automating those processes we will see together how we can further develop and digitalize the processes in a way that is most impactful for your company. 


We offer intelligent automation services fitted to your needs


We approach each case pragmatically to identify potential business processes and analyze RPA suitability to solve the core need. During RPA implementation our team takes care of assigning right competences to the design and robotization work, project management and production support as needed. 


Our team makes sure that customer’s organization and key users are prepared for the changes as robots start to augment human work. The RPA Operating model leaves flexibility to each customer scenario on-premise or cloud. Most importantly the production setup will be designed for IT and data security. 


Some of our customers

Featured work

Posti has elevated their process automation to the next level by adding machine learning into their toolbox.

The goal of our continuous cooperation has been to develop and digitize Elenia’s services and electricity market processes.

Y-Foundation wanted to introduce a new SMS reminder service to enhance customer experience and operative efficiency.

Sisua Digital in a nutshell

6 years (and counting) in business

Specialized in robotics and AI

4 offices globally; Helsinki, Santiago, Hanoi and Dubai

100+ automation projects implemented for customers in different segments

Over 2500 use cases identified

Our team has over 10 different nationalities

We are a global team with extensive experience

We have a strong international network – our offices are located around the world. Our skilled team consists of certified RPA experts who also have a deep understanding of business. We look beyond a task-oriented view and have a more strategic perspective on automation.

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