We combine RPA, AI and human touch to create digital assets for you

Our purpose is to find the best automation solutions for your company that have the most impact on your business


Enabling impactful digital transformation for you

We offer a complete range of business process automation services and tools from identifying opportunities to automation development and maintenance service of the production robots. We want to help your company increase productivity through impactful automation. With our proven methodology, we identify and analyze the potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your business and provide tools for measuring the automation impact. Our team makes sure your organization and key users are prepared for the changes as robots start to augment human work.

We help and guide you through your digitalization process

Our aim is to help your company by introducing new digital tools that save time and remove monotonous routine work and allow your company as well as employees to focus on what is important in your business. We are an honest partner who wants to improve your business processes, not just automate them. 


Your business and your success is our focus


We care about your business and want to truly understand the processes and workflows. We look for problems and bottle necks and help identify the processes that really should be automated which will have the biggest impact on your business. 


Our purpose is to create value in your operations through cost- and time-efficient automation tools. We help you achieve meaningful digital transformation instead of just replacing humans with robots. 

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We don't just build software robots - we create solutions that have strategic impact

How can business process automation impact your business?

Increased productivity and operative efficiency

Automation increases speed and efficiency by shortening process penetration time and allowing processes to run 24/7.

Better customer and employee experience

Improving digital services and business processes increase both customer and employee experience.

Revenue increase and higher cost savings

Automation creates immediate cost savings and automation's investment payback time is normally a few months.

Better quality of work and risk management

Automating tasks reduces humane errors and thus provides better quality results.

Our mission is to make work more human


We want to bring creative and inspiring work back to your employees. Tedious, routine-based work by its nature belongs to a robot – not humans. We empower your employees by removing monotonous routine work from your employees’ agenda and let the robots do the routine work. 


Automating tasks that create little added value frees employees to do more challenging and valuable work. It also contributes to the employees’ professional growth. 

Two men planning on a drawing board

How we deliver impactful automation?

We have developed our methods since 2014 in hundreds of projects in different markets, industries and business functions. We approach each case pragmatically to identify potential business processes and analyze RPA or AI suitability to solve the core need. The process-level KPIs drive the automation pipeline prioritization all the way until to maintenance. During the operation and maintenance phase it is also important to track the analytics and robot performance to measure the realization of the anticipated benefits.


We use the Sisua process analysis as a tool for use case identification. The result is a long list of potential automation candidates.



Next we determine the critical KPIs. We select the most promising use cases for further evaluation and define use-case specific lifetime value and overall impact into a value scorecard.



We prioritize the best use cases against their overall impact versus automation development effort. Essentially this becomes the intelligent automation roadmap.


High quality implementation starts with documentation that encapsulates the workflow steps, across systems and organizational functions as necessary, and also the current state vs target performance KPIs for the automation so we can use analytics for monitoring and reporting correctly.



Automations are controlled and monitored remotely from the Sisua Robotics as a Service (RaaS) cloud platform. Based on the impact metrics defined earlier a standard set of reports become available. They help you get started, but we believe in focusing on measuring results over time and tuning the reporting so that it provides a feedback loop for developing and extending the automation scope further.


Featured work

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The goal of our continuous cooperation has been to develop and digitize Elenia’s services and electricity market processes.

Y-Foundation wanted to introduce a new SMS reminder service to enhance customer experience and operative efficiency.

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