POP Bank develops their digital services with RPA


POP Bank has been using software robotics since 2017 to develop their customer service, improve the quality of processes and streamline their back-office operations. Sisua Digital has been POP Bank’s automation partner since the first initiatives.

The Finnish POP Bank Group has been using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for several years to streamline their operations. The banking group has dozens of automations in production, which speed up the bank’s internal and external processes. Banks typically have high-volume processes that require precision, so significant results in streamlining operations can be achieved with automation.

Automating back-office processes increases employee satisfaction and improves risk management

POP Bank has several automations that support the bank’s internal functions. Automation is used, for example, to reconcile data, which improves risk management: a robot can check all the necessary data on a daily basis. A daily check of the data would not be possible to do manually due to the high workload, so the robot can address possible errors immediately instead of the errors being found later. This way, automation improves process quality and staff satisfaction by eliminating monotonous manual routine work from the employees.


Automation is also utilized in confirming and archiving interbank transactions. This automation likewise improves employee satisfaction by reducing the staff’s manual workload. The quality of the process equally improves when the robot archives the data correctly and the amount of humane errors is minimized.


Automation is also used for the bank’s internal control and the checks and reports related to that. These are time-consuming legislative processes that create little value. Process automation eliminates this manual work from the employees and frees up time for more meaningful, value-adding tasks. With the tirelessly working robot, processes can be run faster and without errors as well.

Process automation speeds up and improves customer service

POP Bank also utilizes RPA in developing their digital services. For example, the banking group uses automation in processing loan applications. When customers submit their applications online, the robot takes them for pre-processing by checking and filling in the information in the application. This way, the application process starts immediately without the customer service representative having to manually retrieve information from different systems. As robots help in the process, the customer gets the loan application handled quicker as well as information about the loan offer faster. The robots also support customer service teams by dismantling the workload during peak season in the fall when many students apply for student loans.


Currently, the banking group is planning an automation, which will speed up processing customer contracts. The robot retrieves the contracts written by customers online and transfers and stores them in the banking system. The automation speeds up customer service and saves employees’ working time.

Automation will continue to play an important role in advancing POP Bank's digital transformation

Sisua Digital has been involved in POP Bank’s automation development journey since the first steps. The banking group has also built their internal automation competence and Sisua has been supporting it.

”Co-operation with Sisua Digital has been smooth, flexible and fast. The benefits of RPA are materialized in different kinds of reconciling and confirmation processes, where information is moved from one place to another or data is reconciled between two different systems. Even though it might not be about hundreds of cases every day, robotics decreases the errors resulting from manual work and brings to light the cases that need further investigation in the reconciling processes”, states Olli Salminen, the Back Office Manager from POP banking group.

POP Bank intends to continue implementing automations and RPA is an important part of developing their digital services. Robotics has found its role in accelerating digital transformation in the organization.

Author: Paiju Koivula

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POP Bank Group consists of independent POP Banks, POP Banking Central Cooperative and their state-owned entities. The banking group has its roots in more than 100 years of co-operative banking history. POP Bank Group includes 21 independent banks, and over 70 branches and service points throughout Finland. The group employs over 700 specialists. Quality of customer service is the cornerstone of the bank’s operations: the group has won the EPSI Rating category for the best bank for 10 years in a row, according to which POP has the most satisfied customers in the banking industry in the Nordic countries.

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