Encore Environmental Services streamlines data transmission with intelligent automation


Encore Environmental Services has an extensive network of partners and the company produces services that generate a lot of transactions. In order to increase the efficiency of data transmission within the partner network, Encore chose an intelligent automation solution built by Sisua Digital. The automation solution enables faster data processing and reduces the manual workload regarding the business process.

“We wanted to streamline and automate data transfer within our extensive partner network, and as a solution we developed a software robot with Sisua that automates the processing of our partners’ transaction reports,” says Anders Lundin, System Manager, from Encore Environmental Services.

The robot that Sisua Digital built acts as an integration robot between Encore’s partners’ reports and the company’s own system. There is also advanced logic involved in the robot’s operations; the robot can interpret and filter the reports it processes according to the dictionary made for it.

The robot reduces the manual workload, speeds up the process and collects more accurate data

Encore’s more familiarly named Lissu robot checks daily if there are new items to be processed. The robot processes the partners’ transaction reports and transfers the data to the company’s system. In practice there are three different automations working behind the robot that run seamlessly one after the other.

“The software robot has speeded up data processing: the robot’s work is efficient and accurate, which speeds up data transfer from our partners to us. The partner report processing has accelerated up by about half, and the robot handles most of the mass quickly, leaving only small additions and corrections to manual work. The automation has reduced manual work by an estimated 80 percent,” says Lundin.

When necessary, Lissu robot also works around the clock and and helps alleviate workload that is peak natured when reports arrive in large quantities and need to be processed quickly.


In addition to processing the transaction reports, the robot writes down the actions it has taken. This robot’s own reporting clarifies the reporting to Encore employees; the robot’s summary shows, for example, how individual transactions have been targeted in the system. This enriches the available data.

“The transaction processing now generates more accurate information than before and it will be interesting to analyze the data when the robot has been in use for a longer period of time. It is easier for us to resolve individual ambiguities than before, when accurate data is available,” Lundin explains.

Encore perceives robotics as an interesting solution in the future as well

Encore has been pleased with the automation solution and the use of software robotics could potentially be expanded in the future.

“Implementing the robot has increased our understanding of robotics solutions, and we will continue to use similar solutions if suitable use cases emerge,” says Lundin.

The robotics project that started about a year ago has progressed smoothly according to Lundin.

“Cooperation with Sisua has gone well. Defining the robot was well executed and since the implementation there has been a low threshold to be in touch if there have been any questions. We’ve also held monthly progress reports. The response from Sisua has been prompt and the questions have been answered quickly,” describes Lundin.


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Encore Environmental Services

Encore Environmental Services offers a diverse range of corporate environmental services from rental pallets to recycling various materials and energy solutions. Through Encore’s services, their customers gain access to the circular economy. The company’s production network covers the whole of Finland. Encore Environmental Services has more than 200 employees.

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