RPA in the Electricity & Energy sector

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in Electricity sector improves productivity and enhances customer service and customer satisfaction


Our clients have been able to enhance customer experience, track sales processes continuously and improve regulative reporting

We have automated business processes in companies specializing in both electricity networks and electricity generation and sales. Different units like sales organization, H&R and customer service have benefitted from the RPA implementations we have done for our clients. 


Companies in electricity sector have high-volume transactions, as the customer base is often large. By helping to manage those transaction efficiently, RPA significantly improves customer experience. RPA also helps in adapting rapidly to continuous policy changes in the industry, as well as scaling up quickly when unexpected changes occur. 

Benefits of RPA in Electricity companies' processes

Enhanced customer experience​

Robots permit quicker response to customer requests and better management of customer data.

Securing supply

Robots contribute to supply continuity by monitoring and flagging anomalies in systems.

Complying with regulation reporting

Quality and accuracy are improved in reporting when data management is up-to-date.

Increased speed and productivity​

RPA speeds up processes and increases efficiency by removing manual work.

RPA use case examples in Electricity sector





Some of our customers in the Energy sector

Our customers' success stories from the Electricity sector

Vaasan Sähkö Group has been utilizing automation to develop customer communication since 2019. Automation enables fast information delivery to customers, which improves customer satisfaction.

Sisua Digital has been Elenia’s digitization partner since 2016. The goal of the continuous cooperation has been to develop and digitize Elenia’s services and electricity market processes. 

How to organize Citizen Development training programmes to scale automation

Watch the video below to see how our customer Elenia is using Citizen Development to scale automation. We have already delivered two training programmes for Elenia since 2020.


A company focusing on electricity transmission, distribution and production.

The sales organization wanted to find a way to automatically track a separate website for tenders for public sector energy projects and select the most interesting ones from which to bid.

A robot was implemented that navigates to an open web page and captures data from the most interesting projects based on keywords defined by the organization. The captured data is stored into an interactive PowerBI-based tool. The robot enriches the information it retrieves with, for example, spatial information, so that experts are able to make better decisions based directly on the information retrieved.

Automation ensured continuous monitoring of potential projects and implemented a completely new tool for project analysis.

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