RPA in Sourcing and Procurement

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) drives efficiency, quality and execution speed in Sourcing & Procurement


RPA enhanced our customers' order fulfilment and sourcing efficiency

RPA in Sourcing & Procurement improves process quality and transparency, timeliness and increases speed. It enables better purchasing, stock availability and supplier management. 


Automating our customer’s processes in sourcing lead to improved inventory management and cost savings. They were able to decrease the number of items in danger of shortage and ensure better component availability, which also reduced bottlenecks in production. 

Benefits of RPA in Sourcing & Procurement

Improved data quality

Quality and accuracy are improved when data is updated faster and error-free.

Process transparency & standardization

RPA creates transparency in processes, detects exceptions and harmonizes procedures and information.

Increased speed and productivity​

RPA speeds up processes and increases efficiency by removing manual work.

Higher cost savings​

RPA produces immediate direct cost savings and RPA investment's payback time is usually a few months.

RPA use case examples in Sourcing


Supplier management

Sourcing support​

RPA use case examples in Procurement


Procurement admin​

Account Payables & Other​


A multinational manufacturing company with a strong focus in Continental Europe.

RPA was seen as the right tool for driving efficiency, quality and execution speed in the company’s core business and support functions. The company chose Sisua to help understand RPA’s potential in its functions, build RPA operating model and provide process automation as a service to scale RPA across the company.

“Stock shortage check for items” automation is in production. Main focus is in sourcing function, but will expand to other functions, such as Production planning and F&A. In the long term the company is interested in training its own business users to develop personal assistant –type task automations. 

Automation of stock shortage items check decreases the number of items that are in danger of shortage and ensures better component availability, which reduces bottlenecks in production. 0,8 FTE will be released to more valuable tasks due to automation.

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