17.11.2020 | PRESS RELEASE

Sisua Digital brings RPA and AI solutions from Finland to Vietnam – helping vietnamese companies to achieve digital transformation


Sisua Digital, a software robotics company with Finnish roots, has been established in Vietnam with a team of 15 professionals. The company is specialized in automation software technologies – RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) – which are modern technologies used to speed up digital transformation in organizations. Sisua Digital is already today providing services to several Vietnamese companies, including banks, to achieve digitalization benefits with RPA.  

The newly established company consists of a team of 15 professionals, including a relatively high number of 13 certified RPA developers, and the target is to continue growing rapidly. The company’s new office is located in central Hanoi.


Already before the establishment Sisua Digital has operated in co-operation with local partner Amigo Technologies that specializes in IT services and solutions for financial organizations in Vietnam. Sisua Digital and Amigo have been developing the software robotics market in Vietnam since 2019. Together with Amigo, Sisua Digital has so far executed automations and advisory services for 11 customers in Vietnam – with one of the automation projects being one of the largest automations ever done in the Vietnamese banking sector. The co-operation with Amigo is Sisua’s cornerstone for serving the customers in the financial services industry.


“We wanted to work with an experienced and successful international company like Sisua Digital and to build long term co-operation. Now we see Sisua Digital becoming the leading RPA services provider in Vietnam” states Amigo’s General Director, Nguyễn Trọng Hải Hoàng.

The RPA technology that Sisua Digital offers allows automation of routine tasks in business processes. Software robots act as virtual assistants by executing routine work done on the computer, allowing the employees to focus on more demanding work. The robots are trained to mimic human execution on computer by configuring them to do the same job. RPA can be applied in various industries, e.g. Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government and functions, e.g. Procurement, Production, Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources and so on. By automating their business processes, companies can achieve various benefits, such as productivity improvements, cost savings, higher quality and better efficiency.

“Our new clients in Vietnam are now achieving quick productivity improvements by implementing RPA. We have seen the same happening with our existing customers in other markets in EMEA and America”, Tomi Torri, the Group CEO of Sisua Digital, explains.

Sisua Digital’s technological competence is already one of the best in Vietnam

The recently established company is already also a Gold Partner with UiPath, a world-leading RPA technology vendor. Having a Gold Partner status is a substantial recognition of a company’s achievements in the RPA industry. It means the company has implemented a significant amount of successful RPA applications and has enough certified RPA developers who are capable of solving advanced automation tasks. At the moment there are only four other companies that have Gold Partnership in Vietnam. Globally Sisua Digital is UiPath’s Diamond partner in Latin America and Gold Partner in EMEA region.

“Sisua Digital is a strong and committed international partner for us and we were pleased to grant them the Gold Partner status in Vietnam. We are fully committed to support Sisua in their efforts in building the RPA market in Vietnam”, states Pieter Harianto, Partner Manager for UiPath Vietnam.

Sisua Digital’s roots are in Finland, from where it has expanded to Latin America, Vietnam and Middle East. The company started its first software robotics projects in Finland as early as 2014, while it was still part of Eera Oy and later the Korkia Group.


Sisua Digital began its establishment in Vietnam already in 2018 and was one of the first companies to implement software robots in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The company set out to expand to Vietnam as it was one of the most promising and fastest growing markets in Southeast Asia.

“We wanted to take the experience and expertise we have gained in EMEA and Latin America to the Vietnamese market,” Torri explains.

Sisua Digital aims to consolidate their position as the market leader in software robotics services in Vietnam, providing solutions for multiple sectors and industries.