Article | 9.2.2022 

Sisua Digital in Chile is the first and only local multinational organization to receive UiPath’s USN Certification


Sisua Digital in Chile has been certified as UiPath’s USN Partner (UiPath Services Network). Currently there are just a few organizations globally which are certified USN Partners. These certified “elite” partners have proved their abilities in automation delivery skills and are highly qualified service providers with real customer projects. Sisua Digital is the only UiPath Diamond & USN Certified partner in Latin America that provides intelligent automations services in 3 continents. This enables us to provide our customers cost-efficient service 24/7/365, and with a global expertise and local know-how.

What is USN?

UiPath is the leading RPA software technology provider in the world. UiPath’s USN Partner Program acknowledges “an elite network of service delivery partners” which are qualified with advanced automation delivery skills. Currently there are about 20 certified partners globally, and Sisua Digital is one of them. According to UiPath, these partners have obtained company-level certification and offer strong RPA skills and can provide customer references and best practices to their customers. Less than 1% of UiPath’s partners have this certification.

The USN Program offers its partners new training, access to relevant content that increases their proficiency and improves their capability to drive desirable business results. The Partner program presents new capabilities to support every stage of automation development lifecycle. The program also involves more opportunities to provide new technology integrations that are key in hyperautomation. Some of the new services include SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday and more.

Sisua Digital is UiPath’s Diamond Partner in Latin America, and Gold Partner in EMEA and South-East Asia

Sisua Digital has proved its abilities worldwide. We are UiPath’s top tier diamond partner in Latin America, and Gold Partners in EMA and South-East Asia. Acquiring Diamond or Gold Partner status is an important recognition of a company’s achievements in the RPA industry. It means the company has implemented a substantial amount of successful RPA applications and has enough certified RPA developers who are capable of solving advanced automation tasks – which demonstrate technological competence and RPA expertise. This is another guarantee for succeeding with our customers in their automation journey.

Author: Paiju Koivula

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