Is your company prepared to implement AI at scale?

The motivations behind implementing AI might come from varying directions. The decision to invest in AI is however not enough in itself to guarantee successful scaling, if the initiative is not backed up with sufficient strategic planning and resources.

How automation enhances customer experience

Both large and small organizations have understood the importance of delivering good customer experience. Many organizations are now heading toward solutions that improve customer experience through automation.

CEO of Sisua: ‘Vietnamese companies are starting to recruit robots’

RPA (Process Automation by Robot) technology helps businesses save time, cost and reduce errors in operation. Sisua Digital is becoming a leader in the growing market of automation software solutions in Vietnam. Read on how our CEO, Tomi Torri, describes the RPA landscape and our operations in Vietnam.

Our team is growing

We’re happy to welcome three new professionals to our family – Ronald Ben-Dov started as Business Development Manager in our Chilean team, Visa Järvinen started in Solution Sales in Finland, and Thi Le as our Sales Manager in Vietnam.