Press release | 14.2.2022

Sisua Digital closes deals with global giants – now seeks funding to continue growth in the Americas and Asia

Sisua Digital, a Finnish company specialised in intelligent process automation, is seeking funding to grow in Latin America and expand its operations in the valuable North American, Japanese and South Korean markets. The fast-growing company has recently signed major global deals with companies such as a Nikkei 25 car manufacturer and a Fortune 50 insurance company. The company’s management believes Sisua Digital can achieve annual growth of up to 100% by strengthening its foothold in the Americas.

Sisua Digital, a specialist in software robotics and intelligent automation, continues to grow in South America and South East Asia. In recent years, the company has built up a significant market position and is now attracting large international companies as its customers. Over the past three years, the company’s expertise has been tapped by Chile’s Top 30 energy company Grupo Saesa, Top 25 Vietnamese banking operator MBBank and Top 100 Canadian company Finning. Most recently, Sisua Digital has partnered with a Top 30 retail company in South America, a Nikkei 25 car manufacturer and a Fortune 50 insurance company.

"The automation market is currently growing strongly, especially in the Americas and also in Asia. Sisua Digital has a strong foothold in these markets, so we are well positioned to benefit from this growth trend," says Tomi Torri, CEO of Sisua Digital.

In the video above, CEO Torri and Chairman of the Board Barkman talk about Sisua Digital as a location. You can learn more about the investment on Invesdor’s website.

Founded in 2019, Sisua Digital has experienced strong growth over the past four years. Despite the pandemic years, the company has achieved annual growth of around 45%. More than 70% of Sisua Digital’s turnover and revenue comes from growth markets. In the coming years, the share of non-EU turnover is expected to increase further.

"We want to forge now while the iron in market is hot. The funding will allow us to increase our presence in Latin America and accelerate our sales to large customers in North America and Japan," Torri says.

Sisua Digital’s management believes it can achieve an annual growth rate of up to 100% in the Americas. Growth is planned to be achieved through mergers and acquisitions in addition to organic growth.

"The biggest growth opportunities are in the Americas, which is why we are looking to expand, particularly in Mexico. This will allow us to serve North American customers cost-effectively while growing in Latin America," Torri continues.

The company aims for growth in the affluent North American, Japanese and South Korean markets with cost-effective nearshoring services

Sisua Digital has service centres on three continents, in South America, Europe and Asia. Service centres on different continents enable monitoring and maintenance of automation services 24/7/365, creating supply security for global customers.

"We use geographical arbitrage between three different service centres. This gives us access to cost-effective resources, locations close to growth markets and a first mover advantage from the Finnish market," Torri explains.

The company provides cost-effective offshoring services from its service centre in Vietnam to Chile, the Americas and Finland. The South American service centre serves as a hub for Sisua’s expansion into neighbouring countries and as a nearshoring centre for North America. The Vietnam Service Centre will serve as a nearshoring hub to Japan and South Korea.

"Delivering specialist work from an offshoring centre in Vietnam to Japan or from South America to North America allows us to offer much more cost-effective and competitive services," Torri explains.

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Sisua Digital in a nutshell

  • Sisua Digital provides consulting, development and maintenance services for process automation, enabling companies to automate routine tasks in critical business processes
  • Sisua Digital’s first automation projects in Finland were already carried out in 2014.
  • Sisua Digital Oy was established in 2019 through a management buy-out. Below is a company history timeline.
  • Through its subsidiaries, Sisua Digital operates not only in Finland but also in South America and South East Asia.
  • The company’s subsidiary in Chile, founded in 2017, has established a leading position as a specialist in intelligent automation in the market.
  • Sisua Digital has several major clients in both Latin and North America, including energy company Grupo Saesa, and service company Finning Canada.
  • The company aims to become the market leader in intelligent automation in Latin America and Vietnam, and to grow its business in North America, Japan and South Korea.
  • Sisua Digital Group’s unaudited and unconsolidated revenue in 2022 was 2.6M€, EBITDA -5% and ARR 1.1M€.
  • The company is seeking €1.35M in funding to accelerate its expansion in the Americas and Asia

Company timeline

Sisua Digital as an investment

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