News | 19.1.2023

Sisua Digital soars in Vietnam: Team size doubles and partnerships with giants like Honda sealed


Securing partnerships with major companies like Honda Vietnam and Vua Nem, achieving UiPath’s Gold Partnership, and expanding our team – are just some of the key highlights from our exceptional year. Read on about our successful operations in Vietnam in our year-end recap.

Vietnamese businesses are recognizing RPA‘s (Robotic Process Automation) importance in digital transformation and turning to RPA to streamline routine processes and empower employees to focus on more valuable and innovative tasks. The technology is a game-changer for businesses, saving time, money and reducing errors in operations. RPA is also a strategic step towards intelligent process automation (IPA).


Sisua Digital, a pioneer in Vietnam’s RPA market since 2018, stands out in the market with proven implementation methodologies developed over 10 years’ of experience in the Nordic market and with a skilled multi-national development team in three continents, and a robust Robotics as a service platform for intelligent automation.

Sisua Digital Vietnam recognized as UiPath’s Gold Partner: a testament to our expertise and achievements in the RPA industry

As part of the many great successes in the year 2022, Sisua continues to be acknowledged as UiPath’s Gold partner in APAC. This recognition from UiPath, the world’s leading RPA technology vendor, is a significant achievement in the RPA industry and showcases our team’s technological expertise and ability to solve complex automation tasks.

The Vietnam team has doubled since 2021 and quadrupled since 2018

In 2018, Sisua Digital began the journey in Vietnam, where we saw a growing interest in robotic automation among local organizations. Our goal was to establish a local company, and provide global-standard services at a local price by training local resources. We believe that a local company with extensive global network and experience can significantly benefit our customers in quality and cost savings. And after 6 years of operations, we’ve proven that to be true. With a portfolio of over 20 satisfied Vietnamese companies, including banks, we’ve helped them achieve digitalization benefits through RPA. Our commitment to high-quality service has led us to double our team size since 2021 and quadruple it since 2018, ensuring we can meet our customers’ needs.

We have been delivering continuous services to Vietnam’s third largest bank, MB Bank, since 2018

Sisua Digital has been streamlining Vietnam’s third largest bank’s (MB Bank) business processes by introducing robots to work alongside people as the employees’ assistants. Our team of certified consultants and developers has been able to meet the bank’s digital transformation needs at all of their stages of RPA development. With over 10,600 employees, 96 branches and 188 offices, RPA has become a vital investment for the bank, reducing personnel costs, cutting recruitment and training expenses, and increasing productivity. Sisua Digital has consistently earned the trust and confidence of this bank in 2022 and will continue to do so in the years to come, as we guide them on their digital transformation journey.

Sisua Digital secured a partnership with a powerhouse company Honda

Honda Vietnam, a leader in the motorcycle and automobile industry, with 140 suppliers of spare parts and components in Vietnam, has chosen Sisua Digital for their automation license project tender in 2022. This project represents a major investment by Honda, and we are thrilled to have been selected over many other service providers. The project’s aim is to create a seamless operational platform for their army of bots, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency and optimize and streamline their operations even more.

“Honda wanted a strategic partner by its side, and to continue other supportive development of software robotics after the project is finished," Mr. Duc Tran, Business Development Manager from Sisua Digital says.

We’re excited to see what 2023 brings and dive into partnerships with other major customers like Vua Nem and SCS

Thrilled from the previous year’s achievements, our team eagerly looks forward to an even more successful year 2023. We care about our customer’s business and strive to provide the best automation solutions, understanding the customers’ processes and identifying areas that truly need automation. By delivering cost and time efficient tools, we add value to our customers’ processes. We’re looking forward to creating real business results with our extensive portfolio of customers like MB, Honda, SCS, and Vua Nem in 2023.


We extend our gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees for their support. Wishing everyone a prosperous and successful Vietnamese Lunar Year, the Year of the Cat in 2023!

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