Press release | 9.5.2023

Sisua Digital completed the funding round successfully and made the first acquisition to fuel the growth

The investment round of Sisua Digital, a company specialized in intelligent process automation, has ended successfully with a share issues of 2.85 million euros. The company’s first acquisition took place after the financing round, when Sisua Digital acquired Staria’s RPA business in May.

Sisua Digital has raised growth financing and strengthened its capital structure with share issues totaling 2.85 million euros. This financing provides a good basis for implementing the organization’s growth strategy, and the improved capital structure makes it possible to finance the growth projects also on the condition of debt capital. In accordance with Sisua Digital’s strategy, operations will be expanded in several market areas – in Finland, the Americas and the South-East Asia.


The first acquisition in line with the strategy was made in Finland, when Sisua Digital bought  Staria Oyj’s software robotics business. Staria is a specialized financial management service provider in Finland and internationally. As a result of the business acquisition, Staria’s automation customers are transferred to Sisua. The companies intend to strengthen their commercial collaboration after the acquisition, for example in the field of intelligent automation services.

"The consolidation of the robotics and intelligent automation industry has started, particularly in advanced markets. Opportunities for mergers and acquisitions are starting to arise as the companies that entered the market in the first wave refocus their operations. Sisua Digital intends to be an active player in this consolidation trend," says Tomi Torri, CEO of Sisua Digital.

The acquisition with Staria is an important step en route to the growth Sisua Digital pursues

Sisua Digital’s goal is to grow to a turnover of 30M euros and an EBITDA of over 30% in 2026. The company believes that their high-quality services and a strong presence in rapidly growing markets will drive the growth. Sisua Digital’s plan is to make more international M&A, as growth through acquisitions is an integral part of the growth strategy.

"Sisua's global and cost-effective delivery model forms the foundation of our competitiveness and serves as a driver of profitability. While the industry is consolidating, the advantage lies with those players who can demonstrate both growth and profitability, and thereby presenting true potential for value creation," says Torri.

The successful funding round enables investments in growth

With the successful completion of the funding round, Sisua Digital can accelerate its growth with other actions in line with the strategy in addition to company acquisitions. The company intends to utilize the raised funds particularly to increase its sales in Hispanic America and boosting nearshoring sales in affluent North American and Japanese markets.

"The automation market is currently growing rapidly in the Americas and Asia. We believe that the greatest growth opportunities can be found in the Americas, where our goal is to expand, especially to Mexico, to serve North American customers," explains Torri.

With the funding, Sisua Digital will further develop its global service centers and the 24/7 follow-the-sun maintenance model. The company has service centers on three continents: South America, Europe, and Asia. The service center in Vietnam provides cost-effective offshoring services internally within the group, while North American customers are served from Chile. The raised funds will also be used to develop the service packaging and the technology platform, as well as to increase resources to support the growth.

"This way, we can consistently offer our customers cost-effective and competitive services," Torri clarifies.

More information:

Tomi Torri,

CEO & Co-founder, Sisua Digital,

+358 40 521 4442 

Sisua Digital in a nutshell

  • Sisua Digital provides consultancy, development, and maintenance services for process automation, allowing businesses to automate routine tasks in critical business processes.
  • The Sisua Digital team completed its first automation projects in Finland back in 2014. Sisua Digital Oy was established in 2019 through a management buy-out.
  • Through its subsidiaries, Sisua Digital operates in Southeast Asia and South America, in addition to Finland.
  • The company’s subsidiary established in Chile in 2017 has secured a leading position as an intelligent automation specialist in Chile. Sisua Digital has several major clients in both Latin and North America, such as energy company Grupo Saesa and service company Finning Canada.
  • The company aims to become the market leader in intelligent automation in Latin America and Vietnam, while expanding its business in North America, Japan, and South Korea.
  • The company sought growth financing to accelerate expansion in the Americas and Asia.
  • Sisua Digital’s unaudited and unconsolidated revenue in 2022 was €2.6 million, with an EBITDA of -5% and ARR of €1.1 million.


Sisua Digital is a pioneer in software robotics and intelligent automation, founded in 2014. The company offers consultancy, automation, and maintenance services. Instead of a technology-based approach that automates individual processes, Sisua Digital focuses on solutions that support a company’s entire business. With intelligent automation, companies achieve better quality, customer experience, employee satisfaction, and strategy management. Sisua Digital operates through its subsidiaries in Vietnam, Finland, and Chile on three continents. The company’s aim is to expand operations into other countries. The fast-growing Sisua Digital group employs around 60 people. In 2022, the company’s revenue was €2.6 million. 



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