Press release | 9.5.2023

Sisua Digital acquires Staria’s RPA business in order to accelerate its international growth

Sisua Digital Oy and Staria Oyj signed an agreement that entered into force on May 1, 2023, through which Sisua Digital will acquire the Robotic Process Automation business of Staria 

Staria has redefined its strategy and as a result of this work, Staria has decided to divest RPA (Robotic Process Automation) business to Sisua Digital to better focus on being the navigator of growth for its clients in the finance management domain. With the transaction Staria’s RPA clients will become Sisua Digital’s clients. One of Staria’s RPA consultants will transfer working at Sisua Digital, otherwise the acquisition has no impact on Staria’s personnel. 

“Our RPA team has done an outstanding work with revolutionizing the use of RPA and AI within financial services. I’m convinced that this acquisition will be the start of extensive co-operation, as both companies share a similar growth-mindset,” describes Artti Aurasmaa, Staria’s CEO.

The transaction is part of Staria’s strategy, which is focused on offering services in over 40 countries with a unique one stop delivery model. Staria will continue to utilize RPA and AI for internal processes and reducing the manual work for clients. The companies will continue to cooperate closely to be the best automation process partner for their customers. 

"It is important to Staria that our RPA clients are in good hands also in the future, and I am sure that as a pioneer in the RPA and automation business, Sisua Digital is the best possible partner for our clients. This acquisition serves as a starting point for future co-operation, which will enable us to offer even more efficient tools to support our customers' growth," says Jani Jääskeläinen, Staria's CTO.

The revenue of Sisua Digital, which started its automation operations in 2014, was 2.6 million euros in 2022. The company recently raised growth financing in a funding round and strengthened its capital structure with approximately 3 million euros in share issues. Sisua Digital operates in Finland, Vietnam and Chile and offers intelligent automation services from these countries also to to South America, North America and the South-East Asia. International growth through acquisitions is an essential part of Sisua Digital’s strategy, which the company aims to accelerate with the latest funding round. The business transaction between Staria and Sisua Digital speeds up this growth plan even more. 

"Finland is an excellent home base for companies aiming for international growth, such as Sisua Digital and Staria. Focusing on their own areas of expertise enables these companies to provide their customers with high-quality service levels and sufficient resources to develop new service innovations," says Tomi Torri, Sisua Digital Oy’s CEO.

Sisua Digital aims to create value for its customers’ business processes by providing cost-effective and quick-to-deploy intelligent automation solutions. The company offers Robotics-as-a-Service for its customers from the Sisua cloud. The company has service centers located on three continents, from where it can serve its clients 24/7/365. The global teams consist of certified experts who use leading automation technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and low-code development. 

"We are very satisfied with the co-operation that has started with Staria. I believe that with this acquisition, we will be able to offer even more extensive support and tailored services to the customers who will transfer to Sisua," says Jarno Toivonen, Sisua Digital Oy’s Development Director.

More information:

Tomi Torri, CEO & Co-founder, Sisua Digital:, +358 40 521 4442 
Jarno Toivonen, Business Development & Co-founder, Sisua Digital:, +358 50 381 1860

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Staria:, +358 45 186 1775  
Jani Jääskeläinen, CTO, Staria:, +358 40 502 8790  

Sisua Digital in a nutshell

  • Sisua Digital provides consultancy, development, and maintenance services for process automation, allowing businesses to automate routine tasks in critical business processes.
  • The Sisua Digital team completed its first automation projects in Finland back in 2014. Sisua Digital Oy was established in 2019 through a management buy-out.
  • Through its subsidiaries, Sisua Digital operates in Southeast Asia and South America, in addition to Finland.
  • The company’s subsidiary established in Chile in 2017 has secured a leading position as an intelligent automation specialist in Chile. Sisua Digital has several major clients in both Latin and North America, such as energy company Grupo Saesa and service company Finning Canada.
  • The company aims to become the market leader in intelligent automation in Latin America and Vietnam, while expanding its business in North America, Japan, and South Korea.
  • The company sought growth financing to accelerate expansion in the Americas and Asia.
  • Sisua Digital’s unaudited and unconsolidated revenue in 2022 was €2.6 million, with an EBITDA of -5% and ARR of €1.1 million.


Sisua Digital is a pioneer in software robotics and intelligent automation, founded in 2014. The company offers consultancy, automation, and maintenance services. Instead of a technology-based approach that automates individual processes, Sisua Digital focuses on solutions that support a company’s entire business. With intelligent automation, companies achieve better quality, customer experience, employee satisfaction, and strategy management. Sisua Digital operates through its subsidiaries in Vietnam, Finland, and Chile on three continents. The company’s aim is to expand operations into other countries. The fast-growing Sisua Digital group employs around 60 people. In 2022, the company’s revenue was €2.6 million. 



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