Basware reduced inefficient routine work with RPA


Basware is a global SaaS company that provides financial administration services to thousands of corporate customers. As the company provides services to numerous customers in several different countries, the services also generate a lot of events. To streamline its high-volume processes, Basware began utilizing robotics. Sisua Digital was Basware’s automation partner from the first steps to building their RPA Operating Model and providing strategic advice.

The collaboration was initiated by conducting a process analysis of potential automation targets in several different units of Basware. As a result of the process analysis, more than one hundred use cases were identified. In the beginning, Sisua Digital also advised on technology selection and deployment. Utilizing automation was first started by building pilot projects (Proof-of-Concept), after which the automations were transferred to production.

Automation streamlined processes and reduced the manual workload of employees

The automations selected for production focused on transferring monotonous manual work to robots, data accuracy, and minimizing errors. Processes were automated in the organisation’s various units: the HR department, customer service and back-office functions.


For example, in the customer service unit the generation of service usage reports was automated. The robot generated a monthly report on the services used by the customers and sent them to the customers. Due to the large customer base, it took a lot of staff resources to create these reports, and it was not possible to send the reports to all the customers in time. By automating this process, all reports could be submitted on time and this laborious and tedious manual work was eliminated from the staff.


Basware’s HR department implemented automations related to employee onboarding and exit processes. At the time the organization employed more than a thousand employees in over a dozen different countries. Basware wanted to streamline processes related to new and outgoing employees, as they involve a lot of repetitive and time-consuming routine work. The robot added new employees to the company’s various systems and created the necessary IDs, as well as added the rights needed for the employees roles and ordered access cards for them. For outgoing workers, the robot removed the rights and IDs from the various systems. The robot also sent reminders for the managers of the measures related to the exiting employees. With the automation, inefficient routine work was reduced, the job satisfaction of supervisors was improved, and automation streamlined the onboarding process when there was no need to wait for IDs and access rights.


In addition, verifying the customers’ contact information was automated in the back-office processes. The robot always checked the latest information of thousands of customers on the local patent and registration board sites in different countries. With the automation, the information was up-to-date and, for example, invoices were sent to the correct addresses. Also staff satisfaction improved when robots handled the manual work that was considered boring.

The RPA Operating Model created for Basware guided internal RPA development and its utilization

In addition to the automation development, Sisua Digital trained internal RPA developers for Basware. An Automation Roadmap was also made for the organization to promote the development. In order to organize the internal process development, an RPA Operating Model was made. The RPA Operating Model created by Sisua Digital made it possible to proceed agilely with the development of RPA, and it created a platform and rules for how RPA is used within the organization. In the operating model responsibilities of the development were defined in a way that were consistent with Basware’s existing operating practices. The operating model likewise connected together the organization, technology and internal processes and functions.


Sisua Digital also conducted a strategy project for Basware’s management to explore the implications and potential of robotics. The project looked at how RPA affects their business and how the organization could prepare for those effects. The strategy project analyzed the impact of RPA on different business functions and made recommendations based on it. The project also included a market study and a technology review, ie an evaluation of technology suppliers.

What was achieved

Benefits of automation


About the company


Basware is a global organization with finnish roots. It is the leading organization providing cloud-based SaaS services, specializing in automating financial management and procurement processes for other organizations. Basware employs approximately 1,350 people in 14 different countries.

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