Article | 21.9.2021 

By optimizing productivity, you can add value to the business


Intelligent automation allows to improve the quality of work, reduce risks and costs, and have information in real time to make effective decisions.

Today process automation has become a great ally for companies to maximize productivity and streamline their processes. In this scenario, Sisua Digital – a multinational company from a spin-off of a renowned business consultancy from Finland – is dedicated to digital transformation with cutting-edge RPA-type technologies.


Improving productivity, quality and lowering the costs of their processes to accelerate the changes required, as well as improving their service levels, happened to be a constant consultation of the company’s clients in Finland.


Alan Berstein, CEO of Sisua Digital Latam, argues that great benefits are obtained when an organization manages to effectively automate as many processes as possible in all areas, staying agile towards the market and its customers.

"This turns into greater productivity, satisfied customers and collaborators. In addition, we have a methodology and experience that ensures the success of the project even though according to studies, between 30% and 60% of automation projects do not reach the desired results ", he says.

How does Sisua Digital improve processes?

Sisua Digital offers a complete range of different services and business process automation tools, from the identification of opportunities to the development of automation, the monitoring service and maintenance of production robots.

"Our goal is to help companies increase productivity through impactful automation. With our proven methodology, we identify and analyze the potential of process automation (RPA and more advanced challenges that require Artificial Intelligence (Al) and / or Machine Learning (ML) for the business, and we provide the tools to measure the impact and results of automation," he says.

Berstein adds that automation significantly increases value to the operation, as by optimizing and speeding up processes, people have time to analyze and think.

"Today most employees are only focused on the day to day, and this is the change that must be made," says Alan Berstein.

He concludes that today companies must focus on adding value, and which is why it’s important to allocate resources and employees in the core cognitive competencies of their business.

“These can include customer service, and product and service development. This way, it is key to use human intelligence for more important goals that add value, which will help to deliver efficiency to processes, lower risks by eliminating errors and have greater flexibility in the face of new challenges from the market", notes Berstein.

The situation is similar to what happened in 1914, when Henry Ford decided to pay his workers double, and at the same time cut down working hours. This action was not popular with companies, but it increased productivity and profits doubled in just two years, which others later then replicated. With the appropriate changes, companies can thus achieve the desired impact on efficiency", concludes the CEO of Sisua Digital Latam.

Alan Berstein,  CEO at Sisua Digital Latam

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