Our customers value our speed and professionalism


Every customer is important to us and we want to serve our customers as well as possible. By conducting customer surveys, we want to find out how we have succeeded in our customer cooperation and how we could further develop our services and be even more successful in the future.

The exact answers of our customer surveys are always confidential and intended for the development of Sisua’s service. However, we wanted to share our customers’ comments on a general level. The results of the survey were good and the average satisfaction was high. Our customers were particularly satisfied with our communication. In addition, our customers have been pleased that we have been able to anticipate their needs.


Our clients highlighted professionalism, speed, the independent work of our consultants as well as working on-site as important features in our operations. In addition, trust and continuous service were felt important.


The support we provide, our presence at customers’ premises and our solution-oriented approach were appreciated by our customers. We also received praise for taking things forward efficiently and for our friendly customer service.


According to our customers, the benefits of the automations have included for example the elimination of manual work and freeing up time for other tasks, speed, increased employee satisfaction, financial benefits, lack of errors in processes, accuracy, and the implementation of processes that are impossible for people.


Automation needs are expected to keep appearing in the future. Our customers would like the Bottom up perspective to be emphasized in future automations and employee satisfaction is perceived to be the driving force in robotics.

Author: Paiju Koivula