Article | 29.9.2022

The value of process automation in the mining industry


Upon the various and demanding challenges that the mining sector faces, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) presents itself as a key ally that allows helping this industry in both its operations and back-office processes.

Dealing with permanent change and facing new challenges everyday are already the norm in the mining world. The complexity of the environment has increased, and will continue to do so while mining organizations carry out current operations and new business in the industry.


Factors such as operational safety, environmental risks, pressure related to costs and productivity, and local and global political/economic instability are becoming more expansive every day and have a greater impact on mining organizations.


Considering these circumstances, automation is becoming more relevant every day to address these and other challenges. In this context, technologies such as RPA, hyper-automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Automation) are gaining more ground every day in this area.

Benefits of process automation in operations and back-office processes

In mining, or as in any industry, RPA can greatly help back-office processes. In finance processes, human resources, or any other area, automation increases productivity, processing capacity, speed and precision, and allows assigning tasks of greater added value to employees.


However, it should be noted that automation does not merely improve back-office processes, but they they play a leading role also in direct operations. 


Like many other industries, the mining industry seeks to do more with less, and it is in this premise that process automation becomes an excellent ally, from connecting internal systems to get the most out of them, through improving the analysis of data collected from operations, or even the reduction of human errors, to the large-scale data processing of computer and physical systems to proactively monitor risks and raise alerts.

Sisua Digital has been helping mining organizations in Chile boosting efficiency in their processes

At Sisua Digital – a company with Finnish roots that has been operating in Chile and Latin America for more than 5 years -, we have been adding value to our clients in the mining sector in the broadest spectrum of digital transformation and process automation, both in operations and in the back office.


To capture the true value of process automation, it is necessary to have a holistic view of it and understand that this technology is here to stay. This way, automation becomes a fundamental factor in reducing risks, whether financial, operational or occupational safety, and helps organizations transform, while always aiming at improving efficiency and operations.

Examples of automated processes by Sisua Digital in different operations

  • Management and monitoring of security procedures
  • Intelligence in supply chain and spare parts warehouses
  • Optimization and automation in shift assignment
  • Automation of production performance reports
  • Collecting unpaid bills
  • Processing and managing medical licenses

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