Article | 1.7.2022

Intelligent automation: An adaptive capacity which maximizes productivity and agility in volatile times


Intelligent automation enables lowering costs, increasing productivity, reducing risks and having real-time information for effective decision-making, which is essential in these volatile times we live in. Read more from this article where our CEO in Latin America was interviewed for a C-level magazine Gerencia. 

Not all automation projects end well. According to experts, only 50% succeed. That is why Sisua Digital, a company specialized in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) focuses on achieving the objectives that each client has set for themselves, and why Sisua has invested in this state-of-the-art technology. The company works closely together with its clients, in order to support them on their way to the implementation of successful projects.


The origin of Sisua Digital, a multinational company 100% dedicated to digital transformation with cutting-edge technologies such as RPA, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and Low-code platforms, among others, comes from a spin-off of a renowned business consultant in the Nordic countries.


Everything began when various clients came needing consultation for the same challenges: to improve their productivity, their process quality and lower the costs of the processes within their organization to speed up the changes required by the market, in addition to improving service levels.


Sisua Digital, with its Innovation Labs area, has carried out several innovations that allow its clients to test new technologies in a practical way and implement them at the lowest possible cost and risk.


An example is a project for the Finnish postal service, Posti Group, which allowed certain processes to be automated with RPA and machine learning (ML), to the point that the success story was published by Forbes magazine.


Sisua Digital’s first Nordic clients date back to 2014, as a result of the need to execute strategic changes in their businesses.

“Sisua was a pioneer in using this technology to achieve changes in weeks or, at most, three months, unlike traditional methodologies and technologies that took several months or years to produce results and which, in addition, presented enormous risks that in the end did not achieve the needed benefits. In Finland, we used RPA as the tool and implemented the first robots for our clients that same year, as a result of the strategic consultancy of the company of which we were part of”, they assure from the company.


Digital transformation encompasses a very broad concept with many edges but, within them, process automation is one of the main ways to achieve a positive, rapid and low-cost impact in relation to other technologies and methodologies.


Although many organizations have been improving their processes and making great efforts in automation, in Chile and the rest of the world there are many implementations with operation and stability problems that do not allow scaling the technology. What is concrete is that the majority have not achieved the required changes.


In this scenario, with the use of technologies such as RPA, AI and ML, among others, Sisua Digital has managed to make impactful and low-cost changes in various organizations, providing added value to companies, their collaborators and, ultimately, their customers.


Today Sisua Digital is a company in strong growth and has a global reach in three continents to offer intelligent automation. Its services are aimed at accelerating digital transformation in a theoretical and practical way. In this way, they offer a complete range of alternative services and automation tools for business processes, from the identification of opportunities to the development of automation and the maintenance service of production robots.


With their proven methodology, they identify and analyze the potential of robotic process automation (RPA) and, for more advanced processes that require AI or ML for the business, provide tools to measure the impact and results of automation. In short, Sisua Digital is a company that supports its clients all the way.

Alan Berstein, CEO in Sisua Digital Latin America


This article was originally published in El Mercurio.

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