Article | 24.3.2021 

CEO of Sisua: ‘Vietnamese companies are starting to recruit robots’


RPA (Process Automation by Robot) technology helps businesses save time, cost and reduce errors in operation. Sisua Digital is becoming a leader in the growing market of automation software solutions in Vietnam. Read on how our CEO, Tomi Torri, describes the RPA landscape and our operations in Vietnam.

When going to Vietnam the first time five years ago, Tomi Torri, CEO of Sisua Digital Global, realized that most people there had never heard of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Having entered the RPA field already in 2014, Tomi recognized Vietnam as a promising market for Sisua Digital, as RPA is turning into a widespread international trend and a digital transformation technology segment with great growth. According to the forecasts by Grand View Research, the RPA market size is estimated to grow to 25.56 billion USD by 2027, expanding with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 40.6% during the forecasted period.

Why do you think RPA solutions are necessary for business operations?

RPA is a new technology that implements automation into business processes. To put it simply, a software robot mimics human actions, acts as a virtual assistant and handles daily tasks. It helps businesses save time, costs, and minimize errors in work. RPA also gives organizations the opportunity to manage service quality better. It is easier for robots to check quality than people, as they record every action every second.


In the early days of Sisua, we were a business consulting company in Finland. We processed and solved our customers’ organizational challenges on daily basis, and tried to find ways to help improve the quality of their operations. Since 2014, we came across RPA and discovered that with our business understanding and RPA as our technology we can make a real impact on our customers’ business. This approach has enabled us to work with hundreds of companies in many fields, from finance, banking, insurance, services, real estate, logistics – and we have helped them gain real results in their digital transformation.

How does Sisua operate in Vietnam?

In 2018, Sisua Digital started operations in Vietnam. We saw that more and more Vietnamese organizations became interested in employing robots. So we wanted to establish a local company and train the local resources to be able to deliver service with our global standards but at a local price. We believe a local company with extensive global network and experience can significantly benefit our customers in quality and cost savings.


RPA services require a comprehensive knowledge of both technology and business. In order to help businesses with their digital transformation that is empowered by robots, the RPA company must understand their customers’ difficulties, and then offer solutions. Sisua is not just a pure technology company. We at Sisua represent a wide scale of business experience. We ask, we advise, we challenge your thinking, but most importantly we listen. As a result, we apply RPA to solve our customers’ core problems.  

How does Sisua’s way of operating guarantee good results for their customers?

When providing services to our customers, we design KPI goals to evaluate the effectiveness of automation, like for example process lead time, productivity, reduced business costs, and from those KPI’s we calculate the benefits that RPA technology brings to our customers. The importance of the KPI scale is not technology, but business performance. We are talking about saving money and time.


For example, we had a customer in Finland that provides housing services for students. The organization had a long and tedious housing application process that took about 6-7 weeks for their customers to have their applications processed. After Sisua automated the process, the housing application process time reduced to 2 weeks instead of 7. In addition to reducing process lead time, the company’s operating costs, service quality, and process quality were also significantly improved.


This company was just one of 100 Sisua customers. Each company will have its own problems, but with our experience, we will analyze their core needs quickly. Therefore, we have the capability to solve different business challenges in many fields. We firmly believe that our way of operating will create the desired results for our customer in the Vietnamese market.

Recently the RPA market in Vietnam has been growing. How is the competitive landscape like?

There are many ways to approach where the competition is. There are the international firms like Sisua in the Vietnamese market, and then there’s the local businesses. In my opinion, competitors from global brands like KPMG or Deloitte are strong in service, but their cost is too high. We believe that we have an advantage as we have the same quality but at a lower price.


As for local companies, I see two groups. Group 1 is small IT companies, that might be good in terms of technology, but as I said earlier, successful RPA is the combination of both technology and business understanding, so they have no advantage in this second side.


Group 2 is the local giants. Here, for example FPT Software – the leading unit in Vietnam in this field. However, I think Sisua has many competitive advantages. Large companies want to work with big customers who are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Also, they do not want to face the risks such as changing processes when applying RPA. Maintaining good customer relationships is essential, and RPA can be challenging to implement if there is not enough experience. Sisua is not afraid of this because we have global deployment experience from many years. 


Also our technology is the most modern in the world. Sisua Vietnam is a gold partner of UiPath, the world’s leading provider of RPA technology. It means that we’ve done a significant number of successful automation projects and we have enough certified RPA developers. Only four other companies have this gold partner certification in Vietnam.

So what is Sisua’s ambition in the Vietnamese market?

The same as in our other regions where we provide our services, we want to serve customers in different industries and establish long-term partnership with them.


We aim to be a leader in the local market. In addition, Sisua also wants to turn our company in Vietnam into a global service hub for customers in other countries that we have. We will build and develop this center in the near future.

Tomi Torri, CEO at Sisua Digital Global

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