Article | 15.12.2020 

Improving customer experience with automation – Sisua Digital interview about digital transformation in retail


Sisua Digital was interviewed in Chile’s leading C-Level magazine, Gerencia. Read on how our Business Development Manager Pablo Díaz describes Sisua´s contribution on the retail sector.

Always working side by side with their clients, Sisua Digital understands their customers’ business and commercial processes very well, and improves them through RPA, based on their tradition in consulting and implementation, which allows them to understand the value of this technology and provide the greatest benefit for each company. In this way, Sisua’s customers can see the positive impact on their business and how what they were doing before is now done differently and better.

How do you see retail facing digital transformation?

There are two forms of change in transformation processes of any kind: gradual change factors and major milestones or turning points. On the first front we can see that in retail, 30 years ago, online commerce was unthinkable, since the conditions did not exist. Then 20 years ago, when the dot-com bubble occurred, we began to be able to see products in the Internet, and 10 years ago we began to be able to buy online. This was a series of gradual changes that allowed us today to have the option of buying practically everything online. In these 30 years there have also been great leaps such as the emergence of web platforms for online catalogues, then social networks, and now the pandemic, which has generated multiple demands and challenges.

What projects does Sisua highlight in this sector?

In the context of Covid and the service level that should be had in e-commerce, in retail there are two aspects that directly impact sales: inventory management and the sales chain and post-sales chain. On the one hand, retailers have information in different systems, and people who enter the data and who must do calculations and filters to have the data as updated as possible. At Sisua we have generated projects where robots do all this work, either at dawn or more regularly than what our client has achieved, allowing analysts and decision makers to dedicate themselves to those more value-adding tasks and not to prepare spreadsheets and enter data. On the other hand, the sales cycle side, we have integrated robots that do purchase orders, invoices and all the follow-up. For example, they take data from the company’s internal systems or e-commerce platforms, check the status of the purchase in the couriers, and notify customers about it, which makes it possible to deliver a much better customer service and post-sales service.


In addition, one of the big problems for retailers is that they have old systems, complex to modify and RPA, as it interacts like a human, can do many operations, such as update and search, maximizing the potential without affecting the system.

What are the benefits of RPA in retail?

The advantage of RPA is that you can generate great value in a task in which you would normally need a lot of resources to execute, which can now be done faster and with fewer errors, freeing people to dedicate themselves to more valuable tasks for the business and elevating the productivity. This technology achieves a lot of impact in a few months of development and with very low risk that could affect the systems, in addition to having a fraction of the cost of changing an ERP or WMS, for example, and which in the end greatly improves the customer experience.

What new trends in utilizing RPA in retail will we see soon?

Sisua has been in the country since 2017, with decades of established practise, since the beginning of this technology, and being a pioneer in the incorporation of RPA at the local level, a period in which we have seen how suppliers have joined. At the moment there is a RPA boom triggered, in part, by the pandemic, that is reaching different industries. For example, we will be able to see RPA utilized for customer support and service, in the supervision of reclamatinos and tracking of social media traffic.

Pablo Díaz, Business Development Manager at Sisua Digital

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