Article | 2.2.2021 

Transforming organizations with intelligent process automation


Sisua Digital was interviewed in Chile’s leading C-Level magazine, Gerencia. Read on how our CEO in Latam, Alan Berstein, describes the potential of intelligent automation on organizations’ digital transformation.  

Although many companies have been improving their processes and making great efforts towards their digital transformation, the fact is that the majority have not made the required changes. In Sisua Digital, meanwhile, they have managed to impact the transformation of organizations, with a modern solution focused on the intelligent automation of processes.

"At Sisua Digital we have managed to make changes in an impactful and low-cost way, adding value to companies, their shareholders and their clients, and improving their results. We have a broader vision of our trajectory and this achieves a direct benefit to our clients”, explains Alan Berstein, CEO of Sisua Digital Latam, a company that has an innovative methodology, and a unique trajectory as a company with Finnish roots.

The advantages that Sisua provides to its customers through processes automation are:

  • Reducing or eliminating management errors, in addition to ensuring results on time and within the committed budget
  • Lower operating costs and risks
  • Allowing a more efficient,  analysis of  data in less time
  • Making decisions faster and more frequently

“Simply put, we were able to improve management, we increased quality, and we improved data analysis to make better decisions more quickly,” emphasizes the executive.

Satisfied customers

The CEO of Sisua Digital Latam adds that although companies in Chile are oriented towards innovation and technology, most are more reluctant to push for certain changes.

"In this context, Sisua Digital offers an interesting opportunity, since organizations can achieve the impact on efficiency they needed, lowering costs, in addition to improving the work environment, increasing the level of customer service exponentially, and minimizing the risk that automation or development would require in the traditional way”, the executive explains.

Since the end of 2017, Sisua Digital has been established in Chile and the estimate is that there is a lot of growth potential.

“The market is already prepared and potential customers want to incorporate this solution as a way to improve productivity, quality and satisfaction of employees and customers. In Chile we have been working with large and medium-sized companies, and they are more than satisfied with our services that have improved their value proposition and EBITDA. In other countries we have also worked with smaller companies. It all depends on the company's business and how it can quickly profit from quick wins,” says Alan Berstein.

The executive, with vast worldwide experience in the area of automation, technology and supply chain, highlights that he was already informing his clients, prior to Covid-19, that organizations are facing new operational needs that are rising from increasing consumer demands and also as an outcome of e-commerce.

"The time to do things is much shorter and, therefore, in companies with respectable incomes and/or with many shareholders, inefficiencies and 'bottlenecks' occur. An opportunity to improve is being missed, but with our methodology, we detect these opportunities and then streamline productivity, which then allows us to support adding the precise amount of intelligence to the processes. In some cases our clients even generate new products or services that were not possible before”, emphasizes the professional.

Given your experience in incorporating automation technology, do you see companies willing to invest in something that is new?

In Chile there is a lot of talk about innovation and technology, but I feel that many companies are quite traditional. Larger companies are reluctant to push for certain changes. In this context, I believe that Sisua Digital offers a value proposition that will fit the bill for companies, as they can achieve the efficiency impact they need, but with a smaller cost and less time than an automation in the conventional way or traditional technologies would require.

What impact does automation have on employment?

Rather than reducing staff, our technology adds significant value to operations, because we take away the boring and repetitive tasks that nobody wants to do. In addition, the market demands and customers require doing these tasks in a faster, more consistent and error-free way. In short, we let people focus on the tasks and processes they want to do and which are more valuable. This will allow more jobs and a better quality of life.

How do you see the possibilities of moving forward with business during 2021, a very special year in Chile due to the social and economic situation?

Although we thought that until the majority of the population was vaccinated, in addition to the stabilized political and economic situation, it would be slow, however, we see that many companies have the need to accelerate certain decisions, which would allow them to improve their efficiency, and to navigate better in these turbulent times.


For this reason, Sisua Digital’s automation technology, within the framework of a suite of tools, can help companies improve their way of operating with an attractive investment in relation to ROI (return on investment) of up to weeks or a couple of months, which is a paradigm shift compared to other ways, therefore, our expectation is to grow this 2021.

Alan Berstein, CEO at Sisua Digital Latam

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