Sisua is a UiPath Gold Partner in South-East Asia – joining our Diamond Partnership status in Latin America and Gold Partner status in EMEA region


Although only recently established, Sisua Digital in Vietnam has already been granted Gold Partnership in Vietnam. Globally Sisua Digital is UiPath’s Diamond partner in Latin America and Gold Partner in EMEA region.

UiPath is the world’s largest software robotics technology vendor and acquiring Gold Partner status is an important recognition of a company’s achievements in the RPA industry. It means the company has implemented a substantial amount of successful RPA applications and has enough certified RPA developers who are capable of solving advanced automation tasks – which demonstrate technological competence and RPA expertise.


Sisua Digital’s substantial automation project for Vietnam’s third largest bank was executed with UiPath robots, when a total of 16 installed robots and two Orchestrators, “robot supervisors”, were implemented in the project. The automation project Sisua delivered was one of the largest installations of UiPath robots in South-East Asia.


According to UiPath, Gold Partners demonstrate a high-level of understanding RPA, deliver sales and have technical expertise in providing UiPath hyperautomation platform solutions.


We at Sisua are very proud of our Vietnam team for the hard work they have done and the level of expertise we have in our company as a whole. From here it’s good to continue serving our customers, solving their challenges and adding value to their business with the certified expertise we have.

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