We recently completed one of the largest automation projects in the Vietnamese banking sector


Together with our local Vietnamese partner Amigo technologies, we have successfully completed one of the largest automation projects in the entire Vietnamese banking sector. We implemented this substantial automation project for Vietnam’s third largest bank. The bank has over 10 000 employees, 96 branches and 188 offices.

Automations were done on three critical business processes and several robots and two robot “supervisors” were implemented in the bank. This was one of the largest software robotics projects ever done in the Vietnamese banking sector. The bank had tendered the automation project, which Sisua Digital won together with a local partner.

“The automation project is a significant investment for the bank, which is expected to generate substantial cost savings quickly. Our customer wanted a strategic partner with whom the bank can also continue the development of internal software robotics after the end of the project,” says Tomi Torri, CEO of Sisua Digital.

Vietnam is one of the most promising and fastest growing markets in Southeast Asia

The software robotics market has grown faster than predicted in Finland and developed markets. Globally, the software robotics market is estimated to grow at a yearly rate of 17% until 2022. However, a strong growth in the robotics market in the emerging markets is still ahead.

“The potential impact of automation of knowledge work on organizations and society in Vietnam is substantial – Vietnam is expected to become the largest market for software robotics in Asia in the forthcoming years,” Torri says.

Sisua Digital set out to expand into Vietnam in 2018 and we have been software robotics pioneers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We started our first software robotics projects in Finland as early as 2014, when we were was still part of Eera Oy and later the Korkia Group. After establishing our operations in Finland, we started looking for growth in Chile, where a robotics company was established in 2017. Its operations are now profitable and have expanded to neighboring countries.

“We wanted to take the experience and expertise we have gained in Finland to growth markets that are less competitive,” Torri continues.

We aim to consolidate our position as the market leader in software robotics services in Vietnam and expand our business in Southeast Asia from Vietnam.

Author: Paiju Koivula